About the maker

Hello! My name’s Elizabeth, the maker behind Adored Heartwood. I’m passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated. I excel in my career as a X-Ray Tech, and during my free time, I immerse myself in the art of woodworking. I love to use raw materials to create unique designs, express creativity, and bring visions and bible stories to life.

My story in woodworking began in 2021. I was thrilled and excited to learn more! I asked my dad for help on how to use certain tools, and with his help, my business started.

I had a sweet moment with the Lord one day. I was cutting wood and I noticed there were different grain patterns and knots. As I sat back, proud of what I created; I was reminded of how we are all made differently but seen by God as perfect in our own way. Completely, in awe of God’s goodness I felt joy. I was finding a part of me that I never knew existed.

Thank you so much for spending your valuable time to learn more about me!